Sunday, August 18, 2019

Sandra's WK10 CFL Power Grouping

Grab a beverage and find a comfy chair.  Let's taco 'bout Week 10 in the Canadian Football League with my Power Grouping.  Remember it's a grouping with no numbers involved.  You may wonder how I come up with which team belongs where.  Well I do keep a list of sorts and move teams up or down according to whether they win or lose or how dominant their play was in that week.  I do keep their previous record in mind too.  So if a team totally stinks they don't fall to C group immediately but if they stink week after week they will find themselves there eventually.  

Okey dokey.  Here we go!

Group A - Burrito

Who doesn't like a burrito?  It's everything all wrapped up in a neat little package.  It doesn't crack and break although it might leak down your shirt if you aren't careful.  The Winnipeg Blue Bombers seem to have 1st place in the CFL all wrapped up tight but Matt Nichols left the game with an upper body injury of some unknown description.  He has always seemed to be a QB to me who looks broken one week and returns the following seemingly fine.  Is this a flashback to their 2007 season?  Yes, I have my Saskatchewan Roughriders in A Group.  They were on bye week and as such I rarely move a team unless someone else outplays them.  No one did that in Week 10.  How will the team play in Week 11 at home against the Ottawa Redblacks?  I'm thinking the Riders are going to be healthy and raring to go.

Group B - Hard Shell Taco

The Hard Shell Taco always seems like a good idea until you bite into it and the shell breaks scattering it's innards all over your football jersey.  These teams in B Group have what it takes to be delicious but still seem to crack under pressure occasionally.  The Hamilton TigerCats under Dane Evans are right on the cusp.  Perhaps they're more of a Gordita.  How much fun is the duo of Harris to Ellingson to watch in Edmonton? It makes one wonder why these players were ever allowed to leave Ottawa.  Or is it that under the Jason Maas direction they are flourishing?  That does happen and is the case with Vernon Adams and Head Coach Khari Jones.  By the way, what a magical comeback in double over time against the Stampeders!  ABC!  It was fun to see Nick Arbuckle's offense run the flea flicker.  Who doesn't like a trick play?  I've always said you have to watch for the Stamps because they always find a way to win.  Well not in Week 10 when the Alouettes finally ended their 10 year drought in Calgary.  We won't talk about 2009.

Group C - Guacamole & Chips

While the chips might be nice, if you've forgotten the lemon juice in the guac you've got a nasty brown mess no one wants.  Did someone forget to add the lemons to these teams?  The Ottawa Redblacks are having major quarterbacking woes.  Dom Davis was in someone else's words "stinking up the place" and Jon Jennings didn't seem to be much more successful.  It would appear having Zach Collaros on the sidelines is helpful as the QB with 3 last names aka McLoed Bethel-Thompson was spurred on to be better.  I keep seeing this team progressing under Corey Chamblin but those wins are as elusive as that last bit of tomato salsa you've been chasing around the bowl.  The BC Lions - what more can be said?  I'm shocked that Mike Reilly is only one of two remaining starting Quarterbacks.  I'm shocked that he keeps taking a pounding.  It's embarrassing the amount of sacks that O Line has allowed already this season.  They did sign a Lemon but unless he's converted to an offensive lineman that's not the help the team needed.

Hope you enjoyed this weeks Power Grouping.  As always, let me know your thoughts, what next weeks theme should be or just let me know what kind of taco you enjoy most.  Don't forget to join in this discussion and all the fun at ABC Rider Fans where you'll find an exciting game thread for Saturday August 24th.  Go Riders!

Sunday, August 11, 2019

Sandra's WK9 CFL Power Grouping

If today had a theme it would be about band aids, stitches and industrial strength super glued medical tape.  That's because as I mentioned in the post last week, I had gallbladders surgery on Thursday.  While it was told to me that the surgery has a quick recovery rate it has not been the picture the brochure painted and because of this there is no witty drawing aka Garfunkel to accompany today's grouping.  

I was pretty loopy for Thursday and Friday.  

If I had a sponsor this post would be brought to you by Tylenol, Advil and Canada Dry Ginger Ale.

Group A - Calgary Stampeders/Winnipeg Blue Bombers/Saskatchewan Roughriders

Group B - Edmonton Eskimos/Hamilton TigerCats

Group C - Ottawa Redblacks/Toronto Argonauts (bye week)/Montreal Alouettes/BC Lions

I do have to say a couple of things:

1) I still think it's hilarious that the Bombers lost to the Argo's in Week 8.  I'd never point and laugh, but when you consider the intense rivalry between our clubs...I can't help myself.  Yes, I also know karma is a you-know-who and I'll likely come to be sorry for laughing at another teams expense.  For now though you can give me this one little pleasure.

2)  The Roughriders won in the first ever game that was called in the modern CFL era by a weather delay.  This was something that was negotiated in the last CBA.  The rule was posted all over social media and during the TV broadcast.  The rule was put into place for the safety of the CFL players.  Honestly, I truly appreciated the game being called.  TSN had already cut to the other Friday night game anyway.  The players would have had to warm up all over again and then deal with the condition of the field which could have resulted in injury.  Also the weather system was not a short burst and something that was going to just move through.  It was going to be ongoing.  Calling the game final was the responsible thing to do.  You all can complain if you want that the Riders were handed the win but as one ABC Rider Fan pointed out imagine the outrage had the tables been turned - what if the Als were leading by 7 and the team owned by the CFL won by a new rule the CFL/PA put into place?  How would y'all feel then?  In November they don't ask how, they just ask how many wins.  

3)  No lead is safe.  In the 3rd Quarter of the Saturday game with the Lions leading I had written out my grouping and then the Cats made a come back to win.  This is why the CFL is one of the most exciting leagues to watch.  You never know what's going to happen.

4)  What's with all the missed converts and field goals?

5)  Is this the record for amount of kick offs returned for touchdowns ever?

6)  It's only a matter of time that Mike Reilly gets seriously injured and while he wants to be the leader/hero he's really not doing anyone favours for playing when banged up.  I think it's pretty selfish to think you are the only one who can will your team to win.  Sit down and let the team rise to the occasion.  

I hope to be back to my normal (as normal as I ever was) self for Week 10 and get some fancy drawing in for the Power Grouping.  Thank you for all the well wishes, likes and comments.  It's all much appreciated.