Friday, November 23, 2012

Grey Cup 2012

I tend to not make game predictions.  When I feel positive about something it tends to be jinxed.  What I know for sure is that I like Ricky Ray and the Argonauts more than the Stampeders.  How can I side with a team that let's players moon football spectators and let's them tweet crazy stuff without so much as a slap on the wrist?

This is the 100th Grey Cup.  I did a little research yesterday and the very first Grey Cup was won by a Toronto team.  The Varsity Blues they were called.  The trouble is that the two teams in that first Grey Cup were both Toronto teams.  I also think it's a little funny that the Grey Cup was donated by someone who thought it was going to be a hockey trophy.  The ultimate DOH!  I'm sure Lord Grey would be very pleased to know that his trophy is now one of the most coveted awards in Canada.

I'm very happy to celebrate the 100th Grey Cup even though my Riders aren't playing in it.  Because of all the hullabaloo over this 100th anniversary I was able to go out to see the Grey Cup Train when it rolled into the Bridge City.  I still can't really believe I did that all by myself.  It was my experience.  I finally met George Reed, Kory Sheets showed me how to use my iPod to take pictures and I bonded with other rabid football fans while waiting 2 hours to see the train.  Yes, I even caught a glimpse of the RCMP carrying the Grey Cup.  That is always a powerful sight.

The Queen has sent her respects for the 100th Grey Cup game.  I secretly believe she's a Rider fan.  How could she not?  They are Canada's team.

There will be winners and losers in Sunday's game.  Getting to the big game is a huge accomplishment and I hope whoever comes in 2nd place cherishes the ability to just be there.  There will be heart break.  I know that.  As a long suffering Rider, do I know that!  It will be fun to watch a game where I don't really have to care all that much!

Next year, 2013, the 101st Grey Cup will be held at Mosiac Stadium the home of my Saskatchewan Roughriders.  That will be our time.  One time to shine.


  1. Cool post! I love the bits of history mixed in with your enthusiasm:)

    1. I'm hearing such fantastic things about the lead up and all the festivities in Toronto....I wish we were there! We've tossed around the idea of getting tickets for next year but the game will be outside. I just don't know if I could weather it.